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Rafael Marino Arcaro


voice / choral

BALADAS BRASILEIRAS Nº 3 (2019/20) - 15 min.

for singer, 12 non-musicians & 2 percussionist

THE KYNG'S BIDDING (2018) - 10 min.

for 3 high singers (written for Juice Vocal Ensemble on Cheltenham Festival 18)


LETTERS TO THE UNBORN (2017-unfinished) - 25 min.

for soprano, 2 clarinets, viola, cello & doublebass

    This is a collection of letters to a child who has not yet come into this world; these letters explain facts about life in relation to spirituality, death and love. Each letter is set to music as a movement in the work and they are separated by instrumental interludes.

TOWARDS ANGELS (2016-unfinished) - 18 min.

for soprano, mezzo, harpsichord & bass viol (commissioned by The Laurentines)

     This is a 4 movement works in which each momvement is a musical setting of an old testament Psalm. It is inspired by the music of the late baroque and early Renaissance.


for mixed chorus and solo voices

     5 songs for unaccompanied chorus and solo singers written in 8 voices; this work is completely inspired by african-brazilian music, its rhythms and its religious deities; the lyrics are written in a mixture of portuguese, english and yorubá and were written by the composer alongside brazilian poet and filmmaker Raphael Calheiros; all the songs have new and extended techniques for chorus, and are playful in its overall sound result.

     I. Oferenda a Exú

     II. Kandyê-Kwei

     III. Poema Mole

     IV. Caieira

     V. A com Bê

for voice or chorus

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