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Rafael Marino Arcaro


other solo instruments

for solo piano

BALADAS BRASILEIRAS Nº 4 - PISADEIRA (2019/20) - 10 min.

for solo accordion (commissioned by Iñigo Mikeleiz Berrade)


BALADAS BRASILEIRAS Nº 2 - MAPINGUARI (2018, rev. 2019) - 6 min.

for solo accordion (published by AkkoAcademija Lithuania)

 (2016) - 13 min.
for solo piano

     This work is a contrapuntal choral fantasy written for 7 voices using the piano’s entire register throughout most of the piece; it is a piece about the ascendence of the spirit, an idea carried it by the piece voice writting which are ever ascending melody lines.

IF IT ALL WERE DIFFERENT (2016) - 8 min.

for solo piano


     This piece aims to bring out the feeling of hope through music; this works uses different techniques on the piano alongside a thorough approach to the use of the piano’s register; its A part deals with two simultaneous sound textures – a pointillist yet counterpoint-based foreground and a harmonic resonant background generated through the use of the sostenuto pedal; in the B part the background takes up the foreground and the resonant harmonies of the beginning becomes clear through the intensive use of multiple tremolos; it is a piece for highly skilled pianist.

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