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for guitar and orchestra

"Sometimes, something very important comes along. Rafael Marino Arcaro’s Concerto Apinayé for guitar and orchestra is groundbreaking, moving, exhilarating, intense, and strikingly original. (...) "


"This is an outstanding premiere and a momentous occasion for the guitar and for Brazilian music. So far this is the most important work of composer Rafael Marino Arcaro (...) Here it is performed by Vitor Noah - in splendid form - accompanied by the Audentia Ensemble conducted by Ryan Bair (...)"



"One of the most accomplished Guitar Concerti I have heard in the last decades. Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted

with this great composer that is Rafael Marino Arcaro;

Vitor Noah is killing it too! (...)"


On October the 2nd, Marino Arcaro's Concerto Apinayé for Guitar and Orchestra will be released on all streaming platforms. Recorded at Saint Mark's Church in Marylebone, London, U.K. on the 5th of October, 2019 – two weeks after its successful premiere at the Duke's Hall in London in front of over 250 people met with a 10-minute standing ovation.

The work's live performance was released by GuitarCoop in November 2019 and got 3000 views in only two months. In this upcoming release, we can hear a pristine rendition of the Concerto with an outstandingly colourful and passionate performance by prize-winning guitarist Vitor Noah alongside the Audentia Ensemble led by the young prominent conductor Ryan Bair.


Rafael Marino Arcaro is a Brazilian composer that has just started to make a name for himself in the new music scene. He has completed his Masters at the Royal Academy of Music in 2018 and has just began his PhD at King's College London with Sir George Benjamin. He's passionate about Brazilian culture and aims to champion his heritage with every new piece of music he creates. Rafael is currently working on a large-scale piece commissioned by Ryan Bair and the Audentia Ensemble for extended large orchestra, chorus and organ premiering July, 2021, in London alongside the U.K. premiere of Mahler's arrangement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony.


Ipãma! Icrá! Indê! Inã! – "Father! Son! Daughter! Mother!" – in the language of the Apinajés – cries out the soloist ahead of the orchestra, calling for previous and future generations with no answer. 
Concerto Apinayé for Guitar and Orchestra was written as an homage to the indigenous cultural expression of Brazil and it draws inspiration from the myths and legends particular to the Apinajé community. This work was written in the period between August 2018 and August 2019, commissioned by Vitor Noah in partnership with the Royal Academy of Music, London.


For more information on the CONCERTO APINAYÉ please read the work's programme notes.


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For any other queries, please contact Rafael Marino Arcaro.

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